Kate Newby. I can’t nail the days down

„Casualness: it’s not about what it looks like it’s about what it does.“

Opening and Talk with Kate Newby, Axel Wieder (Director Bergen Kunsthall) and Juliane Bischoff

The notion of site plays a crucial role in Kate Newby’s practice. Her works are created in response to a specific environment and relate to the location and time of their presentation. Traces of the passing outside world are inscribed in her installations that often blur the line between the object and its surrounding.

Together with Axel Wieder, Director of Bergen Kunsthall, and Juliane Bischoff, curator of the exhibition, Kate Newby talks about the link between her works presented and the immediate surroundings at Karlsplatz, as well as her penchant to leave the exhibition space. Engagements with urban spaces and establishing ties between the institution and the city is also important in Wieder’s curatorial practice. In the past, Newby and Wieder have collaborated for various projects in public space, 2014 in Bristol and 2017 in Stockholm, both of which dealt with materialized and unnoticed narratives in the cityscape.

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