Lotte Boogh Mees – Guy Mees. The weather is quiet, cool and soft

„Guy Mees. The weather is quiet, cool and soft“ 1/2 – 8/4 2018 at Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz presents the rareley shown Belgian artist for the first time in Austria. His widow Lotte Boogh-Mees talks about living with the artist and her fondest memories of him as a private person and husband.

Guy Mees’ photographs, videos, and above all his fragile paper-works characterize formal rigor combined with sensitivity and delicacy. He left behind an outstanding œuvre that transgresses geometric abstraction, minimal and conceptual art, kinetic and applied art. With emblematic work examples from creative phases between the 1960s and 2000s, supplemented by selected archive material from his estate, the exhibition emphasizes the continuing significance of the artist, who has recently become an important reference figure for a younger generation of artists.

More information: Kunsthalle Wien

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