Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong // Adam Jeppesen // Sasha Kurmaz – C/O Berlin

Poppy – Trails of Afghan Heroin
Robert Knoth & Antoinette de Jong

For over 20 years, internationally renowned documentary photographer Robert Knoth and writer and broadcast journalist Antoinette de Jong followed the trails of the heroin from Afghanistan across Central Asia, Russia, and the Balkans, through East Africa, Dubai, and Western Europe, to where they finally disappear in the concrete jungle of London. The exhibition allows the medium of photography to merge with other techniques such as video and multi-screen projections in order to reveal in non-linear narrative forms a dark side of globalization as reflected in the faces of dealers, prisoners, prostitutes, drug addicts, border guards, and policemen.

Adam Jeppesen . Out of Camp

All alone from the North Pole to the Antarctic in 487 days—a journey in total solitude. Beyond the traditional experience of space and time. Always with the camera in tow to document the rugged landscapes and vast expanses. The works he photographed along this route are witnesses to a quiet dialogue between Adam Jeppesen and the landscape surrounding him. At the same time, they also tell of the physical voyage of his photographs. When the films were changed, speckles of dust and rays of light settled on the negatives, leaving behind scratches, streaks and flecks of light—“mistakes” that alter the surface of the negative but whose signs of wear also chronicle a completely different facet of the photographed landscape.

Talents 38 . Method
Sasha Kurmaz / Svea Bräunert

Doing away with rules, causing irritations. Making everyday occurrences visible. Completely unexpected. The nonconformist actions of Sasha Kurmaz always take place in public spaces and almost casually break up the monotony of familiar modes of perception. The photographic situations and illegal interventions of the Ukrainian artist throw a spanner into the works. They question habits and open new cultural and social spaces. His attitude is guerrilla or punk – autonomous, playful, disruptive, radical. Sasha Kurmaz has his origins in graffiti art and uses photography like a can of spray paint.

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