SITUATION #108: Discipula, How Things Dream: Communication, 2016

Interview with Marco Paltrinieri

At the heart of Discipula’s artistic explorations are the use and role of images in the contemporary media landscape as well as their function as political and economic tools. In How Things Dream: Communication, they have created a series of advertisements and a visual identity for the fictive company AURA. By deconstructing the language of advertising, they reveal its mechanisms and experiment with its rhetorical and linguistic forms. The fictive company of AURA analyses human behaviours through the use of big data and offers corresponding services in the fields of healthcare, security, education and government. The project points both to the growing use and misuse of personal data and to the new forms of control and surveillance accompanying this phenomenon. At the same time, the futuristic aesthetic warns of the possible consequences of the increasingly close relationship between technology, the free market and control.

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